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Conceptual Design


Have you ever flipped though a catalog, magazine, or web store and found yourself frustrated because you can't find what you're looking for in the chaos that is so common?

Here is my attempt to remedy that problem. This is a design study of what a visually appealing automotive parts catalog could, and probably should, look like.


User Interface Design


User interfaces can be frustrating. Menus that seemingly lead to nowhere, others that are poorly labeled, settings buried beneath an endless stream of sub-menus with no context. We've all been through this. Annoy me.

This is an exercise in designing the interface for a music player app that is both simple to use and has a streamlined design, eliminating bloat. Also, if you pay close enough attention, you can get a taste for some of the weird and wacky music artists I listen to IRL.



Now this is my jam!

As an individual I really enjoy being able to stretch my creative legs and create images, such as the ones in this gallery. More often than not, I approach a new illustration with a blank canvas and open mind, allowing the creativity within me to flow naturally.

Illustration for me is fun, because as long as you have a passion for it, then it's art.


Conceptual Design


We all love music. Don't deny it. We all do. So at least I do, and I like to listen to a variety of genres ranging from sweet melodious pop songs to 'oh my, is that a drawer full of forks falling down an escalator?,' heavy metal tunes.

Here is a conceptual design for the less audibly masochistic folks, a pop-themed album design. The goal of this was to challenge myself to carry a cohesive design language across a fairly large-scale project. Apart from the imagery, all of the writing is also original work.


Conceptual Desgin


Done as a followup to the pop CD, this heavy metal-themed album design shares the same design challenges and goals. I wanted to create something with a darker visual style to juxtapose the pop CD's more vibrant imagery. Additionally, I added the challenge of designing merchandise to accompany such a CD, as well as the layout of a retail web space to go along with it.


Conceptual Design


As a designer, I see plenty of logos where I yell internally, 'what were they flipping thinking!?' Poor use of colors, a lack of cohesion to a particular brand or company, illegible metal band logos, whatever the problem may be, someone needs to fix it.
In the meantime, here are some samples of my attempt to design appealing logos for a variety of prospective eyes that may view them.


Conceptual Design


Who doesn't enjoy a well design graphic tee? Speaking for myself and my fairly large collection of graphic tees, I certainly do. This is a collection of apparel designs created as an exercise in design and typography.


Conceptual Design


Posters for events are undoubtedly a form of advertising. Sometimes a beautifully crafted movie poster is all we need in order to convince us to buy a ticket. Here is a collection of poster for fictional events designed to compel you to attend them, as well as to showcase strong color theory, typography, and design.

Just remember, these aren't all real events. So don't get mad at me if you show up and there isn't anyone there.



So now you've seen my work and you're wondering, 'who the heck is this person!?' Oh, you weren't wondering that in such terms. Well. To answer the question anyway, I'm Chris, and I'm an artist, first and foremost. I've been creating and designing for my whole life at varying degrees and have been very fortunate to have been experimenting with Adobe Photoshop for around 20 years now. Art and design, for me, is a comfortable place to be, a place where my worries melt away and I find a calm. My dream has always to pursue a career in art, but circumstance has had other ideas for far too long and now it's time for me to take charge and take back that dream. I'd like to be recognized for my hard work and unique eye for design, as well as the spectrum of skills I've amassed over the years that have given me the ability to tackle any project, in any medium, without fear. My short term career goal is to work as a graphic designer or illustrator. Long term goal is to one day become an art director. Ultimate career goal, however, is to lay down and create images from the comfort of a couch or bed. Or floor. Whatever's most readily available. And comfortable.

In my free time, when I'm not making some sort of art, I mostly spend my time listening to music, gaming, studying politics, and working on cars. Music is a massive inspiration for my life, not just in terms of artistic inspiration. It has been a pick-me-up on lousy days, as well as a motivator for me to push myself beyond what I think I'm capable of. Cars are an interesting way for me to flex my creative muscles in a mechanical way. Currently I am neck deep in a project that has seen me tear a car down to bare metal, constructing my own roll cage, and further progress will see me paint the entire car myself, as well as restoration of all mechanical aspects of the vehicle, by myself. I like challenges.


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